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10 Exciting Lube-Enhanced Techniques to Revitalize Your Bedroom Experience

ByWilliam J. Knight

Jan 15, 2023

When aiming to indulge in tactile pleasures using your hands and mouth, it’s advisable to have a generous supply of lubricant at hand. This allows for smooth gliding, tantalizing caresses, passionate kisses, and an array of sensual activities that lead to boundless sexual satisfaction.

Irrespective of whether you choose silicone, oil-based, or water-based lubricants, the following manual and oral techniques are designed to elevate pleasure to unprecedented heights. While there are no guaranteed moves, we are confident that these techniques will serve as a wellspring of inspiration, encouraging you to explore and personalize them. Here are our foremost recommendations for leveraging lube to enhance your sexual encounters.

For Her Pleasure

The Versatile Pocket: This finger and tongue technique aims to stimulate her clitoral bulbs and legs, evoking ecstatic responses as you expertly maneuver your fingers and lips.

  • Begin by positioning yourself at her side, aligning with her hip.
  • Apply a few drops of lubricant across all five fingers, then press your palm gently onto her Venus Mound.
  • Bend your fingers downward, ensuring even coverage along the entire width and length of the vulva, creating a cupping effect.
  • Execute gentle upward and downward finger motions, adjusting your speed in tandem with her escalating arousal.

Cross My Fingers: This technique targets her orgasmic platform, encompassing the vaginal opening and the outer third of her vagina.

  • Cross your index and middle fingers with your chosen ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant and K-Y Jelly Water-Based Lubricant.
  • Insert your crossed fingers, palm facing downward, and engage in rotational movements during penetration.
  • Sync with her movements and breathing rhythm to ascertain the perfect cadence.

The Sensual W: This straightforward warm-up technique encourages heightened blood flow to her erogenous zones and is likely to transition swiftly from gentle stroking to more fervent engagement.

  • Generously apply lube to one hand’s palm.
  • Place your moist palm against her vulva, shaping all five fingers into a “W” configuration (thumb with index finger, pinky with ring finger).
  • Sensually slide the “W” pattern downward, fingers gently squeezing her inner labia while your middle finger caresses her clitoris.
  • Upon reaching the top, reverse the motion, reconstituting the “W” shape for another pleasurable descent.

Whether your “W” resembles a “V” or something intergalactic, fret not; your partner’s bliss will remain unaltered. These techniques lack rigid guidelines – embrace experimentation, adapt them, and feel free to christen them anew.

The Circulation Booster: Beyond its health benefits, this technique enhances natural lubrication and sexual responsiveness, promising unparalleled pleasure.

  • Apply lubricant to both thumbs and direct them toward the clitoral head.
  • Delicately trace a heart-shaped path around the vulva, lavishing attention on the sensitive fourchette – the area where the labia meet at the base.
  • Repeat the journey, leading your thumbs back to the starting point at the top.

The Intimate Nose Job: Combining pleasure and intimacy, this technique capitalizes on the unique texture of the nose’s tip, serving as an additional erogenous zone.

  • Apply a drop or two of flavored lubricant to your nose’s tip, gliding it gently between her sensitive lips.
  • Press your lubricated nose against her clitoral head or experiment with nodding motions, offering diverse sensations.
  • Employ your hands to part her labia, facilitating the insertion of your lubricated nose – an act that’s sure to evoke desires.

For His Pleasure

The Two-Tongue Illusion: While lips and tongue play their roles in intimacy, your fingers, adept and dexterous, can orchestrate a tantalizing narrative with the perfect touch of lube.

  • Prepare your hands and apply a few drops of personal lubricant (silicone, oil-based, or water-based) to your fingertips.
  • Employ your index and middle fingers to trace tantalizing patterns along his shaft, alternating between languid winding motions and brisk, short strokes.
  • Amplify the sensation by introducing another hand or a single open palm, mimicking the actions of dual tongues.
  • As you “lick” his arousal with your hands, vocalize the pleasure he’s experiencing, setting the stage for an irresistible crescendo of desire.

Exploring Threesome Fantasies: Fantasizing about group experiences can be incredibly arousing. This fantasy is popular across genders, and couples can engage in these discussions without intending to bring them to life.

  • Open conversations with your partner about boundaries concerning such fantasies, ensuring mutual comfort.
  • Post-discussion, assure your partner of your commitment and exclusivity, emphasizing that the fantasies are merely playful extensions of desire.

The Firestarter: This technique serves as a prelude to more intense encounters, heating the anticipation and igniting passion.

  • Coat your hands with lubricant and rub them together to generate warmth.
  • Gently roll your hands along his shaft, simulating the act of warming your palms.
  • Heighten the tease by exhaling warm breath over the head, kindling desire and eagerness.

The Divine Touch – Superior to Deep Throating: While deep throating garners significant attention, it’s not the only route to a satisfying oral experience. Your hands offer unique sensations and increased wetness, enriching the encounter.

  • Pre-warm your hands to match your mouth’s temperature.
  • Intertwine your fingers and coat them with lubricant.
  • Combine your intertwined hands with your mouth, merging them into a harmonious unit.
  • Breathe heavily, simulating the approach of your warm, wet mouth, gliding both hands and mouth over his length.
  • Master the motion of descending to his base and resurface with a tighter grip, incorporating rhythmic stroking and sucking that progressively intensifies.

The Enigmatic Stranger: Natural attractions and fantasies beyond the partner are common. The Stranger technique mimics the sensation of a new touch, rekindling desire.

  • Apply lubricant to your hand, functioning as massage oil.
  • Adopt a backhand grip, your thumb-down, gripping his base with all five fingers.
  • Stroke upward, pausing at the ridge, before returning to the base.
  • This technique recreates the allure of being touched anew.

The Prayerful Pleasure: The Like a Prayer technique delivers unparalleled satisfaction, ensuring your partner’s admiration for years to come.

  • Rub lube between your palms, infusing warmth, then position your hands in a prayer stance.
  • Once erect, lower your hands over his length, palms at the base, fingertips pointing towards the head.
  • As you progress to the base, spread your index and middle fingers, and then return to the initial position, replicating the motion of prayer.
  • Maintain steady, firm pressure while your hands engage in rhythmic up-and-down strokes.

Whether you opt for conventional or more unconventional sexual interactions, approach with an open mindset and a willingness to experiment. Every individual’s path to pleasure is distinct, and embracing novel approaches can lead to remarkable discoveries in your sexual journey.