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ByBeryl Buerger

Apr 28, 2023

Today we are going to talk about something that has been asked on our forums for a long time and it is how much sex should you be having. 

This question might seem irrelevant or impractical because this is something very personal and this is something that people should do as much as they want.

However, this question is based on reality and is actually very relevant because there is a limitation to how much sex you can have or rather should have normally without any harm to your psychological and physical health. 

You can definitely keep having sex all the time but then again there will be no difference between you and a sex addict. 

And that is why we are going to answer the question based on how much sex should you have normally and how much sex can you have without being addicted to sex or without any harm to your body. 

This is a very important question that needs to be asked again and again and that needs to be answered because there are a lot of different factors that can determine the amount of sex that you should have in order to sustain a normal healthy and sane life.

We are going to try and explore those factors so that you can be the judge yourself in order to find out how much sex is actually good for you and what is your limitation. 



Sex is not masturbation and sex requires a minimum of two people and whenever you are doing something with someone there is a question of preference.

You might have a preference for having sex multiple times a week but your partner might not like that frequency and that is why your preference is actually dependent on a lot of factors.

The frequency of sex that you are going to have will be dependent on the preference of your partner as well as the dynamic of your relationship.

It can also depend on the situation of your relationship because you might be going through a rough patch and it is not a good time to propose sex to your partner.

If you can understand and balance these preferences between yourself and your partner then you can have a healthy amount of sex that is not going to harm your relationship.

You should definitely value your relationship more than the frequency of sex and value the preference of your partner.  


While we can classify sex addiction and other problems related to sex as abstract diseases in some arguments but here is something that is very much real and very much in the world.

We are of course talking about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because they can actually pose a real threat to your life.

If you are someone who does not like protection from contraception such as condoms then you should only limit your sex with someone whom you trust to not have multiple sexual partners.

That can be your partner or your wife or husband whom you can trust to only have a single partner because that decreases the chances of STDs. 

However, if you do not like to use protection then you should not be having sex with multiple people because that can cause diseases that can damage your immune system or even prove fatal. 


Now we come to the physical limitations that can actually prevent you from having a lot of sex and there are a lot of physical limitations that can affect the frequency of sex.

This effect can be in the form of little or no desire or it can be in the form of not having the ability to have sex even if you have the desire.

We are of course talking about physical limitations such as old age, disability or some kind of physical limitation.

If you are someone who is old then the thought of sex will not be very appealing to you because you will not have the same level of sexual desire.

Even if you have a good amount of sexual desire then you will not have the physical capacity to perform sex because sex requires a lot of energy and strength and an old person simply does not have that.

If you are someone who is suffering from a disability that actually prevents you from having sex then that can be a real limitation to how much sex you can have or should have.

In this case, we would say that you should try to have sex but it is not your fault that there are actual physical limitations. 


People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the basis of a relationship is only sex and that is actually a wrong understanding of a relationship.

You can conduct your own study and go and visit couples who have been together for decades and ask them what is the basis of their relationship and most of them will say love and respect and components.

Sex might be an element but it is definitely not the primary element and you must keep this in mind. 

That is why you must have the priorities of your relationship set and you must not make sex the basis of your relationship and the reason for your relationship.

You must understand how much sex is actually pleasurable able and how much sex can actually start damaging the relationship and you must strike this balance in order to understand the priorities of your relationship and life.

You must also understand the priorities in life and avoid having sex sometimes because that might be damaging to your reputation or career.

There is no physical limitation to how much sex you can have but there are societal limitations and other beneficial limitations that can actually help you in your life. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how much sex you can have in your life or rather how much sex you should actually be having in your life.

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