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Planning an Epic Party Weekend for Your Best Friend in London

ByClare Louise

Aug 14, 2023

Unforgettable Memories Await!

META DESC: Planning a weekend in London? Make your best friend’s day by inviting a Babes of London escort along. 

London is the perfect destination for planning an epic party weekend for your best friend. Whether your buddy will be celebrating a birthday, a promotion, or you just want to get the boys together to surprise him, our London escorts are the perfect companions. Here’s how to plan a weekend that your best friend will never forget: 

Choosing the Perfect Accommodation

To kick off an unforgettable party weekend, make sure that you choose the right accommodation. You could rent a spacious apartment or push the boat out with a stay in one of London’s many wonderful hotels.  Make sure that your accommodation is located close to the places that you want to visit during the weekend – or failing that, that it has great public transport links. 

Book Your Escorts

If you want the weekend to live long in your best pal’s memory, then be sure to hire some of our escorts to join you. We have a diverse range of ladies to choose from, so you are sure to find an escort who suits your friend’s preferences. Can’t narrow things down? The more the merrier! Our escorts love to work together to impress their clients. 

Put Together an Exciting Itinerary

Plan and arrange activities that align with your best friend’s interests and preferences. Is there somewhere that your friend has always wanted to visit in London but has never had the chance to? Be sure to put that on your list! By planning ahead, you won’t be worried about how to fill your days or be caught out by unavailability. Share your plans with any other guys joining you – and be sure to ask for some suggestions too!

Food & Drink

London is a culinary hub and has a huge range of world-class options for every diner. Treat your best friend and the party crew to a memorable meal at a renowned restaurant. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! After dinner, you could enjoy a few drinks by visiting one of the city’s many bars. Whether you’re sipping beers or cocktails, don’t forget to make VIP reservations to really elevate the experience. 

VIP Clubbing

When it comes to nightlife, London knows how to deliver. Arrange to meet your escorts at one of the city’s most prestigious venues, where your group can dance the night away in style. It’s a good idea to reach out to the venue beforehand to secure additional services and a private area for your group. We have connections with some of the most renowned clubs in the capital, so we would be delighted to help you do this.

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With our escorts keeping him company and his friends there to celebrate him, your best mate is sure to have the time of his life during your weekend in London. If you have any questions about us and the services our escorts provide, please get in touch today.