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ByBeryl Buerger

Apr 28, 2023

The world of sex toys is a fun and magical world with a lot of sensation exploration and a lot of sexual fun and arousal. You can use sex toys solo or with your partner and this is the fun of sex toys.

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes made of all kinds of materials right from silicone to steel and ABS plastics etc but today we are going to talk about a special kind of sex toy that is probably the most popular kind of sex toy because of its numerous benefits and durability as well as smooth texture and much more. 

We are of course talking about glass sex toys because among sex toy materials this is one of the most popular and preferred materials because of a lot of benefits. 

There are hygiene benefits with glass sex toys because it is made of body-safe materials and there is increased safety using glass toys because they are durable and much more. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of glass sex toys so that you have an idea of whether to invest in a glass sex toy or whether to stick to the regular material sex toys that are readily available in the market.  

Let us find out why you should try glass sex toys. 



There are different kinds of sex toys made of different materials but there are only a few materials in the world that have a completely smooth surface that can prevent the growth of bacteria.

Glass is one of those materials that can be made incredibly smooth so that it is easy to clean and also such that there are no rough edges for the sex toy to cause you injury during play.

This is not the case with other materials that might sometimes not be finished properly and that might still be rough so that while it will not injure you but it will be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR), ABS plastic etc can be difficult to clean rather than glass which can simply be cleaned with a few rubs of any alcohol-based sanitizer to totally disinfect it.

This means the glass material is not only easy to clean but it is also low maintenance which means you do not have to spend too much time cleaning the dildo or butt plug after you have just had fun.

And since glass sex toys are manufactured just the way any other glass monuments or sculptures are made, it is impossible for the glass sex toy to have rough edges, meaning safe masturbation. 


Temperature play is a unique thing that can only be achieved with a few materials of sex toys like glass and metal and it is certainly not possible with a rubber or silicon-based material.

The thing about glass sex toys is that you can warm it up or even cool it down before play so that you can have a unique experience of sensation exploration during your play.

This is because glass can retain temperature and can maintain that temperature for a long time, unlike metal which releases the temperature quickly, glass can release that temperature for a long period of time. 

This means you can have this unique experience of cooling down your dildo before using it and having a totally different experience which is impossible with any other kind of sex toy.

Additionally, you can warm up your glass sex toy but be careful not to do it under a direct flame or very high temperature.

It is totally up to your creativity of what can be achieved but if you are someone who is kinky then you know exactly how to make the most out of your glass sex toys. 


Durability is something that you get uncompromised when it comes to glass sex toys because of several reasons.

Glass sex toys will never deteriorate and the material will never fall apart with age because the glass is long-lasting.

This is impossible with other materials such as plastics and polymers as well as other kinds of silicon-based material which might fall apart with regular use or with age.

This makes them a bad investment because they are not going to stay together for a long time or at least stay hygienic and safe.

Glass will stay the same just like you had purchased it and it is incredibly hard and difficult to break.

However, you must make sure to take the same care that you take with any glassware which is not to drop it on a hard surface.

You must also make sure that there is not a sudden change of temperature but that is impossible with regular play or even temperature play and most glass sex toys are made of borosilicate glass anyway which is resistant to different temperatures. 

And you need to clean it from time to time and you are all set because the glass is going to stay the same and the smooth surface is excellent for stimulation. 


Regular dildos and sex toys made of regular materials are mass-produced and can be available at a very low price but then again, their quality is also very regular.

However, glass sex toys are manufactured like art and they are not mass-produced which means that your glass dildo is probably one of a kind when it comes to its shape and pattern.

Speaking of pattern, the glass is transparent which means a lot of different coloured glasses can be implemented making it really something amazing to look at.

They can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes and they can be made smooth every time which means that no matter the shape or size you are safe when it comes to using them.

That is why they are probably the best investment when it comes to sex toys because, unlike rubber sex toys which will disintegrate, glass sex toys are never breaking apart unless you want to break them yourself. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand glass sex toys and we do hope you are going to have a lot of fun with your glass sex toy.

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